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Hottest Thrift Stores in LA

Los Angeles is nothing if not a city of style. In fact just take a walk down any number of streets in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or even Santa Monica and you’ll probably be overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of fashionable folks roaming the sidewalks. But do you ever wonder how people do it? How they can keep up with the hottest of trends and afford their ridiculous rents at the same time? Put aside the super rich for a moment. What about the rest of us regular people? Well, some pinch pennies and eat ramen for dinner BUT the smart ones… they shop second hand and vintage. The truth is fashion always repeats itself, right? This cyclical nature means you don’t always have to buy new if you want to have a fresh look. With this in mind, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the dozen best thrift stores and vintage spots in L.A. to service your fashion needs, all without breaking the bank. Because even if you’re not made of money, it doesn’t mean you can’t look damn goo…
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